#Poem Getting Closer

Getting Closer 2

Chatter, clatter, banter, bowls,
spoons, plates, forks, knives;
data, tinged with ultra-violet fragrance;
tables, waxed with thick, sticky history;
not scrubbed, not bare pine;
not shocked.

Later, the discarnate whisper an invocation:
Let ritual nurture goodwill;
let underworld blooms swamp all famine.

We stumble, trudge
through a porridge of blundering self-guidance,
rocked by unpredictable providence;
not aware of our selves or each other,
yet, it all fits exactly.

#Poem further grid

you take your bag
and go you do not
stop you do not
sleep when
you called when
you asked when
you wrote and asked
what was it
for what did
the magic say you
dance you shake
dice you stir
tea bathe
in a coloured bath so
dark so
insular so
unbroken so
lost a song of light a
song that flickers to
shadow diesel out and

#Poem From Heartwood Well

Five hundred million years -
this earth-core clusters inwards
sucks me into a salty delirium

Continents shift, craze and fracture
Magma bursts through crust
An underground tideway
wrenches tombs into fragments
like glass down abdomen way

The place-names on this coastline
match the street-names near your house
I need mish-mash, druggish thoughts
endorsement, sub-frontal proof
My own instincts are surrendered

#Poem Daybreak

I swear I could pick her up
with one hand
cute and fluttery
like a teenager
Her little feet would grip my finger

I’d touch the downy feathers on her tummy
watch her eyes go left and right
listen to her sing

I’d reach for my camera
preserve the moment

A moment
that flies