#Poem Sanctus

I carried a pebble from my Cardiff garden
to the Lady Chapel, St David’s Cathedral,
and hid it in a small hollow, south wall.

Madly, I snapped
a million photos of stained-glass windows,
like I believed
the end was nigh.

Up to Cross Square,
then Goat Street, Heol Catrin,
Waun Isaf to Affes;
indulging in luxury -
so good to write and revise
before using a pen.

Reflecting now -
building bridges between sanity and city,
(between) ease and activity,
(between) here and there -
(I confess) begging for help.

#Poem Clear Morning

                         Clear Morning

                still counting waves  busy sky
         fulmars smash centre  fly free   cross-
  leaved  spray  jagged  common  razor-wing  gull
sandpiper                                               summer’s
only home                                                promising  
harbours          touched portals                redshank
still-backed   golden knapweed            wrack-heather
down stream   squill    godwit            dawn  

Again the beach  waveburst       wave after tremor
mercury lustre  still cool         head      to sun  rise
but she haunts  shuffles         spirals
fine cotton  shadow-          children
glide      everywhere

Move here    alluvial       pullover  foxglove 
clover      trunkback       heron   canal
picking      chickens       fields  fawning 
calves    leatherette        roll over
                   all over        now

#Poem I Must Spend More Time Upside Down

Woke up this morning thumped and wrinkled
cast back to new-born blindness
Dodgem car collisions into fixtures and fittings
leave me shocked but bruise-free
The dawn chorus is far too loud
but there are no birds

Don’t disturb my wakeful slumber
Don’t bother me with questions
Do not disavow me of my illusions
Let me avoid circumstances which shatter fantasies

I don’t want to upset nature with my inner vacuum
but I’ve got nothing to do
I might as well go and mope the boredom round town
like I was a teenager
like I was the Child that Santa Forgot

I stay out until dark

When you’re lost in the night
they’ll show you stars
then sell you constellations

#Poem underaged Schnapps

In the old bar
in Melchtal
we played the jukebox
Gates of Eden
over and over
One night
men sang to us
and I slipped
a souvenir ashtray
under my jacket
We drank underaged Schnapps
and you took a sugar cube
soaked it
pushed it into my mouth
and placed your finger on my lips
as if I was going to speak
and shouldn’t

#Poem Played-out Mania

Quiet here
Played-out mania
Boot-prints in the snow
Done all my missing

~ thrown down with ache
threw it up
split my guts
rerun rain-drenched streets
alley rats, old stuff
things tried before
always a mess ~

You keep time
head-full figments, love songs
I don’t even know if you believe
I hate myself with someone else