Just you gone, impossible, close, no, I fight you

just you gone         impossible close      no I fight you I
you                  shut you I fight            think slide close
gone                           me                           ever agree
anything                    you ever agree              anything
close shut you            on ever fight              slide gone
you                 you       I                    anything moment
want me madness          fight you gone        close shut
impossible                        no you               just you no
you you                                  gone          no dreams I
gone                you                                       fight me
fight you I             gone up just for      you no  you you
fight up just                  write                      love you or
gone                impossible                          moment do
we will              impossible you               you I fight you
we will ever                   you                           madness

#Poem – Chanteuse


You were always singing
nothing wrong with that
like god meant you to
but I never guessed (how could I?)
how bad you’d get
Even now, I don’t want to take it in
that special delivery, at my door
I’m out – don’t hear the bell
a parcel of your diaries
scripture of the damned
deliver us from evil

How could you see what I was doing?
– in your religion, women die first

I try to work around your ways
but you just wait for fall
put the boot in
iron fist to win the war
lose the plot

Now you’re alright
work miracles

#Poem – The One

I am with you, she said
Can you feel this, this kiss
Don’t you wish for me
every second of the day
Don’t you dream within dreams
within me
Do you not come to me blind
Am I not spell-binder
your possessor

Dissolve into me
as nothing I have known before

Make this mark
Imprint indelibly a fracture

From this point
nothing will be the same

#Poem – Soma

An old map leads me to an overgrown path
ferns, tall grass, shrubs
no one’s walked here for years

Looks like there’s a new track
cut through the trees further up the slope
built to take the logging trucks and machinery

This path is fine
a little slow at times
but with good views of the river

#Poem – Chocolate Box

Now that the leaves have left
and the winter chimneys
rock upwards from the black brickwork,
the sooty steelworks blank
against the sky, scaffolding,
cages, iron ladders, morning
sun cuts over the horizon,
reveals a quiet sculpture
that puts nature to shame,
to the bottom drawer,
with pillowcases, nuptial nightie,
ribbons red and blue. Down
in the hallway, a safety helmet,
working gloves, shadow of pickaxe,
tin lunchbox, communal bath,
a single note sung by many…
Sketches and photographs lie
on a mahogany desk, with carpet
and leather, inkwell, blotter,
half a ton of combination safe.

On a hillside a lad sings,
scans the kites and kestrels,
follows a sheeptrack to Blowden Pool,
finds the worms and maggots
in the carcass of a fox
then looks to tomorrow
and the next day, and on,
like it was all guaranteed,
like it was up to him
to choose or deny,
yes or no a million times over.

Inside the safe, wodges of banknotes,
other papers, signatures, bonds,
a point four five revolver.