#Poem Nothing adds up to you

I miss you
  like days without food
  like standing without a spine
  like darkness
  like when a boat on the horizon gets far away
    when flower-bulbs in the garden don’t survive winter
    when the tomcat kills the robin
    when the internet is down
    when I’ve walked for 5 hours and the café is shut
  like when you spend decades waiting
    and for each new minute a bayonet twists in your guts
    and your heart is so tired it struggles to pump
    and your thoughts are lumpy
        slushed-up chunks of history relived like it was now
  like climbing up a well-shaft, slipping, climbing
    waking mid-sleep in horror, panic, wordless panic
    lost on the moors
    off-land, too tired to swim home
  like the first time drunkenness takes control
  like a detached page from an old diary, day-less, year-less
  like dead cut-flowers in a vase
  like you’re out in the sun but it turns cold and dark
  like there’s so very much to say
    but people have sat on the next bench


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