#Poem Polly

Damn lambs,
dressed in flem,
weather in sky,
wiggly piglets grub in sties
on banks of stream
where fallen trees rest and rot,
bugs bug, sing to calves
and surprise! Hey! Donkeys!
Clouds like painting,
path like map,
water very cold today,
dog with muck stuck on fur
shakes eyes and teeth with gummy grin,
rattle of leash, buckles and clips,
wave my arm, chop the air,
do kung fu,
do not tread in dog pooh,
boat putt putts past birds that fight,
flit through fences, bushes, logs,
books stacked beside the fire,
tired, chair, glass of wine,
toasty feet and there’s a dog
I must have got
when I was out walking.


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