#Poem Like Trying to Stop People Feeding Bread to Ducks

Like Trying to Stop People
  Feeding Bread to Ducks

He's a liar and a thief an
d shakes my hand and kisse
s my wife on the cheek and
sits and talks with such a
pparent clarity of conscie
nce that I really should a
sk him what mental shenani
gans he conjures up to bla
nk out any shame I can't b
elieve all of his moral fi
bre has disappeared and ha
ve to assume he knows what
he's doing so how can he e
xcuse himself maybe he thi
nks we don't give him enou
gh attention maybe he thin
ks we never notice what he
does such as always steali
ng from his OAP mother you
know when you've experienc
ed a bit of life and put y
ourself through the ups an
d downs and done your best
to keep your honesty intac
t well it's tiresome and u
ndermining to see such a s
lack attitude and now he's
hungry and wants me to mak
e him a sandwich and he ac
companies me to the kitche
n and in a flash I could t
hrust this breadknife thro
ugh his throat and pin him
to the Welsh dresser I ima
gine he'd be quite shocked


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