#Poem Clear Morning

                         Clear Morning

                still counting waves  busy sky
         fulmars smash centre  fly free   cross-
  leaved  spray  jagged  common  razor-wing  gull
sandpiper                                               summer’s
only home                                                promising  
harbours          touched portals                redshank
still-backed   golden knapweed            wrack-heather
down stream   squill    godwit            dawn  

Again the beach  waveburst       wave after tremor
mercury lustre  still cool         head      to sun  rise
but she haunts  shuffles         spirals
fine cotton  shadow-          children
glide      everywhere

Move here    alluvial       pullover  foxglove 
clover      trunkback       heron   canal
picking      chickens       fields  fawning 
calves    leatherette        roll over
                   all over        now


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