#Poem Key Smile in Red

child steals to hidden door
shadows drift from sea-wall to fields
waves of mist puff inland
sodden garden drenched in wet
syrupy splotches in petals, on path
slippers and gown
sneaky creeping silence
spongy rubber concrete
squidges, squeaks
ivy-draped lock
rips rootlets crying
paint flaking
things wander in splits
rivers drip down ridges
grooves, tongue and groove
rotten wood
father will not miss the key
slip lock, will not turn
left, right, stuck
like old men in gentleman’s club
brandy, leather, cigars, old minds
minds that fought war
minds must be strong
crack and crackle of open hearth
smoke like fog floats in from sea
moon milky smudge
something scuttles, brushes bins
shoves shrubs
no luck, no opening
a blank sheet
a dead end


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