#Poem Canopied Lovetales

I got round the back path through the woods
ignoring the dumped mattresses and bags of junk
the river down the slope pat-a-cake gypsy
sold-for-coppers promises
you keep the sun top centre
watch the shadows and highlights
but still the chatter starts
it steals everything, all you trust
and chucks it
you will always obey

a squabble in the bushes
birds are fighting
the blood in my legs goes solid
I must sleep
with nectar
give up
this is too long now, way past hope
way beyond refusing to be pushed

round the bend
and the wind cuts up from the valley
an old accordion plays singalong
swirling skirts and puffy chests
the bliss he remembers is a recall
memory reflected kaleidoscopically
blood of pages
chains dragging
she eats popcorn
laughs a little

they cut steps into the bank
clunking knee-gripes edged with green oak
down past castell limestone
granite and flint
cold mud waist to village
god, burn the village


2 thoughts on “#Poem Canopied Lovetales

  1. If I’m reading this right, it is a two-voice poem, in which both voices belong to the same depressed speaker who flees to the forest, but can’t escape the pain of his life, his thoughts, his memories. You can separate the poem into couplets, and if you do, the shocking last line makes sense as internal commentary. For me, the whole essay-reduced-to-a-poem finds its setting in the line, “ignoring the dumped mattresses and bags of junk,” which presages the fact that the subject of the poem can’t get away from his life, carrying it with him like Marley’s chain from “A Christmas Carol.”

    • Interesting analysis – thanks – I think it gets to the heart of the poem.

      ‘Canopied Lovetales’ describes the last section of a day-hike, the grim scenery and tiredness as I neared town. I guess the writing became a channel for all manner of depressive stuff

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