#Poem Blood Circle

                             Blood Circle
               Reunion, so-called / I call out to you
but there is no warmth of contact / through the wall between us
                  it is pointless / I try to embrace you, but
 your eyes are dulled with deceit / you turn
                        you drift / you walk away
   lost within your own dreamsong / Later
              you dance and float / I see you
     wrapped in mystifying colour / I try to catch you
                     rush through / and ignore
       this barren terrain, blind / myself so that
              numbed and soulless / I can get through the pain
                immune to sadness / heal our
                 atrophied hearts / avulsion
             abandoned closeness  / forever

nb – a ‘Cleave’ poem – read normally line by line or left column, right column


3 thoughts on “#Poem Blood Circle

  1. I had never, ever heard of a “cleave poem” until now, with your poignant poem about the desire to revive love that seems to have died. The form of the poem is very fitting for the topic of these two people who are also “cleaved” apart. It’s one thing when two people break apart; it’s another when one turns totally cold and deceitful, and yet the other can still see the lingering “mystifying colour.” I love that expression–“mystifying colour”–as though one is still seeing the other in a romantic way, despite what has happened.

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