#Poem Conservation Area

The café’s been taken over –
prices doubled, meals globalised,
locals expelled, tourists fleeced,
threshold not crossed.

Another eating-place,
the one where you worked,
is now a surf shop –
two rooms knocked into one –
the wall I had my back against
gone. I wipe my fingers
through racks of wordy tee shirts,
try to picture my table,
see the way you walked to and fro.

The mad healer’s sold his farm,
moved to town, put up a poster,
the laying-on of hands –
well, that’s what he calls it.

The lanes are tattooed with skid-marks –
PSVs and 4x4s, at double speed,
send me scuttling into hedgerows.
In fields, the herds of cattle
are now herds of horses –
not for the squeamish.

The cliff-paths are cluttered
with townies and doggies
and jobbies, no back-packers,
no fellowship, no etiquette, just barging,
flip-flops on footpaths.

At the end of a sad day
I buy drinks in the re-branded pub –
something’s missing –
something more than the extra couple pounds
I expected to find in my change.


3 thoughts on “#Poem Conservation Area

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  2. Great Poem – It is the same the world over – beautiful places become ‘tourist attractions’ and the rest ensues. It is a bit like the suburb I live in. When we moved in 27 years ago we had Italians, Greeks, Poles, Iraqis and every manner of working class people in a sharing community, but as the old died their children sold off the big block homes, knocked the old houses and fruit-tree filled gardens down, to construct 4 townhouses. The main drag – Norwood Parade- has lost its 7 fruit and veg shops, 5 butchers, shoe mender, key makers, hardware store, Italian grocery etc and have two big supermarkets, a Gloria Jean, Subway, upmarket boutique shops and nail bars a-plenty (complete with toxic fumes), dress shops and designer hairdressers (charging $400 a hair cut, which is more than pensioners live on in OZ for a week). I’m afraid Oz itself is increasingly becoming a great big, open-cut quarry and even our world heritage sites are under threat from the coal miners. We once saved the Franklin from a dreadful dam in Tasmania, but now no-one gives a damn.
    Hey you got me revved!

    • this was a quiet coastal village in Wales where you could go to relax, but over the years it’s got busier and more commercial. It’s still possible to find some quiet, though difficult, great though that I had a couple decades where I felt at home

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