#Poem Other Angels


The pills and booze had stopped working
so he cut them out
and came down like a ton of bricks

He decided to throw himself under a bus
but then remembered he’d done that, years ago
He’s a wreck – he probably should hand in his license


Sitting outside the old Tate
1965 was 47 years ago
and nothing has happened


He ambled up and sat beside me
talked solid for three days

He told me he was tired of hiding his pain
but when he let it out
it subverted into threats
He had to find a stranger
and speak his truth


He didn’t mean to
it just struck him
the city loved him
and he loved the city
more than anyone
but then he drifted off
into thoughts of eating flesh
your flesh
cube by cube


He walked with a line of fire
from sternum downwards
red hot barbed wire
He didn’t expect to be torn open
twisted into reflection

but he got ripped by flashbacks of utter insularity
No liberation. No one.
The one guarantee that subtends all vision
and hope


He said, months ago,
he’d struggled to get you
out of his head
He’d decided
once and for all
to get you
out of his head
Yes, it was difficult, crazy
something was wrong
but magic
angels, beautiful strangers,
told him
it was OK


Like some teeny wannabe pop singer
he used to wonder what it would be like
to be number one
but he knew, everybody knew
he always knew
there was a league above him
where the cut and thrust would kill him

Every now and then he lets out a noise
and the guard dogs growl
and the boat rocks
and he climbs into your berth
for warmth


He is, at heart, romantic
like when he was wringing out the rag
he uses to clean the windows
and he thought of you
and your arms
left and right
shoulders to fingertips
not a Chinese burn
but a deep, more graunchy
Perhaps a little imaginative


He shuffled closer
some people fear the poet
he said
but I steal
I steal every word
from her mind
Please tell her, I won’t kill myself
but if she goes, I will die


Eyes meet
and he knows
love is OK
Everything else is rubbish
Painful rubbish



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